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50% Rise in New Visitors with Targeted SEO

SEO Campaign for Portobello-RMF Engineering Ltd 


Year on Year increase in website traffic 


Year on Year increase in new visitors

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The Task

Portobello-RMF Engineering Ltd specialise in the design and fabrication of process plant equipment, especially pressure vessels, heat exchangers and bespoke fabrications manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Although based in Sheffield, they also export their products overseas. They wanted to increase awareness and maximise enquiries online, from both within the UK and overseas.

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The Strategy

By extensively researching the market, and understanding how people search in different countries, we came up with an SEO strategy to enhance the brand online, and took care to ensure that it was found on relevant international search engines. The aim was to increase the number of visitors to the website, improving the site’s visibility and effectiveness both in the UK and overseas in targeted countries.


The results speak for themselves! There has been a 53.03% increase in users to the website to January 2017 compared to January 2016. New users have also increased by 50.48% within the same time period. We expect these figures will continue to rise as the site becomes increasingly more optimised on search engines, with Portobello-RMF's search engine ranking continuing to improve.

Our detailed research helped us to identify who we needed to target – the people that were interacting with and exploring the site in more depth, as well as identifying and the users that weren't. It also helped us to detect if there were any problems, by looking at bounce rates (when a user leaves a site without interacting with the webpage) and seeing what customer devices delivered the highest success rates, to give us a better insight into the website's pros and cons overall, and to see if any areas in particular needed to be focused on. The information gathered was utilised effectively, and brought in the desired results.

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