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bring your story to life with beautiful, impactful animation.

Show your customers just how exceptional your business is through the clever use of animated video production. Animated films can communicate product information quickly and effectively in a fascinating way.

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planning for success

As an initial step, we work with your core team to understand what animation style will best suit the message that you wish to portray to your audience.

Various video animation services range from explainer video production, to 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, and whiteboard animation. Your account manager will establish a solution to your needs to start producing the creative brief and strategy whilst collaborating with you to align your business strategy. To ensure that your messaging is reflected effectively, research into your competitors is conducted. You can identify and analyse your audience to understand how your animated video content will cater to their needs through your animated video content. 

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creation through collaboration

A brainstorming session will allow us to develop ideas and shape them into reality through a storyboard. The storyboard will give you a sense of how the animation will flow and what animation style will be used. If required, we can create an animatic from the storyboard sketches, which gives you a clear, overall idea of how the animation will communicate your story.

When you work with an animation company like ourselves, our copywriting experts can be on hand to write your script should this be something that you require support with.

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bespoke and flexible

Our design team will create bespoke illustrations that reflect your business's brand guidelines; this ensures that your new brand video is consistent with future marketing campaigns.

We have various styles that we can create, which gives the flexibility to be creative in animating. We work with a trusted bank of voiceover artists to complement your brand's tone of voice and the messaging you portray to your audience.

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perfect results

We will keep you updated on the progress throughout the animating and send over draft versions to review and apply any amends until we get the perfect result for you.

We will package up all the final files in the correct sizes and formats and send them securely to you once the project has been signed off. Our marketing team will now implement the strategy that was discussed and planned in the concept development stage.

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how you can use animation to elevate your marketing strategy

create the perfect story for your business

create the perfect story for your business

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