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Communication Through Data

Helping large-scale collaboration projects improve, increasing overall efficiency and communication on multiple levels around the globe.

The Challenge

Established in 2018, Measured recognised the inconsistencies prevalent in large-scale projects in corporate settings. To tackle this, they approached us with the aim of producing a reactive software system that would produce highly detailed reports from data input by users via surveys. This enables businesses to listen to their employees' perspectives to identify where the problems lie and overcome them.

Our challenge was to create a system that would intelligently emulate the format of a typical survey, with each question and answer set able to utilise a bespoke scoring mechanism to create meaningful data specific to the individual project and survey. In addition, a bespoke content management system was required so that the ARC Research team could do all projects, surveys, and question management efficiently.

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Increasing Efficiency

The system mainly aims to gather high volumes of detailed and meaningful performance data. The layout is simple, clean, and straightforward for users to complete, and the site is easy to navigate, clearly directing users throughout the whole journey of completing a survey.

To ensure each field in the questionnaire is filled out correctly and completely, our development team programmed the question system to be mandatory, meaning that users can only proceed to the next step once each field is completed correctly. When users attempt to proceed without filling out an area, an immediate popup alert prevents them from continuing.

The system was built with a bespoke integrated CMS, allowing the ARC Research administration team to assign multiple or singular surveys to users. When accessing the site, all users must enter their passwords and project codes, enabling them to access their account dashboard, where they can locate all surveys assigned to them in one area.


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Flexible Solution

There are two approaches businesses can choose from when using the software:

Self-service – Employers can upload and create their own survey, giving full personalisation and input on the questions used.

Managed solution – Rather than the employer uploading and creating their own survey, as happens in the Self-service option, a member of the Measured admin team will upload and create surveys on behalf of the business. This approach allows corporate businesses complete control over which questions are included and a more time-efficient approach with external assistance.

The Arc Research administration team can close submissions at any point after any duration, giving flexibility alongside the ability to produce reports at any time. Reports can be generated with various pre-configurations, including by company, by job role, and project comparison over time, which looks at trend data over multiple surveys in a given timeframe. This output level captures every detail, enabling the smallest of changes in a team dynamic to be easily highlighted and have a real impact.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Once answers have been submitted, results are then formulated into a detailed report, allocating each answer a meaning within the defined traffic light scoring mechanism:

D – Damaging

Li – Limiting

I – Inconsistent

S – Supporting

Le – Leading

Each question within a survey can have either a positive or negative leaning, such as “My manager listens to me” or “I don’t feel supported by my team leader”. The accompanying answers then take on a positive or negative meaning in relation to the question, demonstrated in the response “Strongly disagree”. Depending on the question, this can be either a positive or negative response; the system weights each answer to be more positive or negative depending on the question.

Once all the answers have been calculated for an individual question, an output corresponding to the weightings and, therefore, the meanings assigned to the questions will be generated. All of this can be configured by the ARC Research admin team, resulting in flexibility and ongoing cost-effectiveness for the system.

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