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Marketing for Long-Term Sales Growth

Building a Marketing Pipeline for Long-Term Sales Growth

Maintaining consumer interest is crucial for generating future leads. It’s important to engage with existing and potential consumers to increase both interactions and conversions.

So, what is the most effective approach for improving consumer engagement? Throughout this article, we explore the long-term advantages that a marketing pipeline can have for your brand’s sales.


What is a marketing pipeline?

A marketing pipeline tracks the stages a potential consumer goes through before purchasing your company’s product or services. The aim is to nurture potential consumers over a longer period of time in order to convert to sales and build strong B2C relationships.


How can Hydra Creative help you to build a marketing pipeline?


Social Media Marketing

Our marketers can create consistent and varying social posts that regularly remind online users to engage with your brand. They can build schedules to maintain and organise social posts that promote your services and share your brand’s personality to help boost awareness.

Responding to comments and utilising hashtags is an efficient way to connect with your users, as well as to track shifts in trends so that you can tailor your content to your consumers’ needs and interests. Social platforms like Facebook use pages, groups, and forums where users can form communities that build trust around your brand.

Our team can help you to choose and utilise the most suitable social platform to showcase your services. This ensures that the platform effectively aligns with the tone and concept of your brand and continually attracts potential consumers.


Content Marketing

Content marketing comes in several forms – blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. Posting varied content types and staying consistent and relevant can make your business accessible to a broader consumer market. Our marketers can strategise with you to create a suitable and effective content schedule, which will help to increase consumer engagement.

Another key element of content marketing is SEO. Our marketers have tools and resources that track popularly searched keywords. These are then optimised into your content to rank your content highly on the search engine’s algorithm. This increases the visibility and awareness of your content, encouraging online users towards your brand more consistently.

Social media can be a tool to promote your content, therefore creating a journey that moves potential customers from your social media to your website – this increases the chance for future sales.



Digital newsletters can be a great way to share a variety of content for different audiences. They can be sent in regular intervals, organised by schedules, to maintain a constant flow of content that will keep your brand top-of-mind.

If a newsletter is sent out regularly and consumer interest grows, the regular inclusion of calls to action will be effective and will, in the long term, steer viewers to get in touch or visit your website.

Our developers can also work with you to integrate pop-ups into your website. This will encourage viewers to sign up for email marketing and/or newsletters to continue being informed about your services.

Alongside content, adding enticing and exclusive offers and announcements – “Follow our social media to find out more about the upcoming produce release” or “Put the code SALE15 for 15% off on our website” - can be a clever strategy to move potential consumers towards sales.

If you are looking for new strategies to market your brand that could benefit your business in the long run, then newsletters could be the best approach for you.


Email marketing

An effective approach for upholding consumer engagement is creating a series of email campaigns sent at intervals of time that best suit your brand. Our designers and marketers can work collaboratively with you to create emails that are eye-catching and informative.

Your consumer’s activity and engagement can be used to tailor future emails to maintain their interest in your brand’s offerings. We can help you set up automated emails triggered by consumer activity – such as, for example, clicking on a product email and then following a link within the same email to the website. Sending emails consisting of similar content to what the user typically engages with can help to encourage further engagement.

Having a constant flow and following these techniques can be great for building loyalty with your consumers. This will support you in leading potential consumers to sales over time.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM holds crucial consumer data, such as contact information, preferences, and engagement levels. This enables you to tailor and alter content being aware that targeted efforts will enhance the engagement of these consumers.

CRMs, for example, can track click rates (the number of users who have received the email), open rates (the number of people who have opened the email) and click-through rates (the number of people who have clicked a link within the email).

Being able to track consumer data, such as the rates above, will make creating content a more efficient process and will help encourage potential consumers to make purchases down the line.

Our developers have extensive experience in building bespoke CRMs and online systems for numerous companies. Having a tailored experience will make it more accessible for your company’s use and will ensure that your consumer’s data is well taken care of.


If you have goals for your business’s future but lack a marketing strategy to achieve them, our fully integrated digital agency can help you. Get in touch with our friendly team of marketers, developers, and designers for advice today.




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