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A Recipe for Success: Client-Focused E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce website design & development

The Brief

Fitness Feedz, based in Dubai, is an online food prep service that has the ability to be completely customised by the customer.

They required an easy to use online platform that would not only act as the face of the business to attract new customers but also manage the whole meal plan building process in a user-friendly way.

The Requirements

Fitness Feedz wanted their bespoke website to stand out from the crowd. Detailed market analysis had been carried out, which helped map out the user journey, and subsequently informed the design requirements. With a key target audience of health-focused professionals and personal trainers, the design needed to be relevant and to the point, whilst also guiding first time customers through the process in an engaging and hassle-free way.

Fitness Feedz required much more than just a great looking e-commerce website. Because there are so many choices and combinations when it comes to putting together individualised meal plans, the process, though technically complex, needed to be as quick and easy as possible from a usability point of view, whilst also giving users the ability to track macro calculations.

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What We Did

The website needed to stand out from the crowd.  This was achieved through the use of the bold brand colours, as well as full screen images of carefully chosen models who embody the brand through their image. The site has been designed to be intuitive and inclusive, ensuring that even those new to meal planning get sufficient support to be able to complete the process without difficulty, whilst seeing the macro calculations of each meal choice.

Although aesthetically appearing quite simple, the technical requirements for the service were complex.  The system is able to accurately calculate the macros for each meal and each day, allowing the user to tailor their own plan based on their unique nutritional requirements.  Admin can do the same through the CMS for users who want custom plans, or require their plans to be created for them by the Fitness Feedz team.  As part of this service, admin have the ability to add in specific meals that aren’t available to the regular user through the customer portal.

Users can update their personal details through their own account, such as height and weight, along with their fitness goals.  Whether customers want to bulk up or cut down, the sophisticated bespoke system uses a custom algorithm to calculate the average amount of macros each user should ideally consume each day to achieve their goal. Payments are handled by the Telr system, with recurring billing plans available.

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